Monday, April 9, 2012

Best SWTOR Leveling Guides - My Comparison

There's actually over a dozen different leveling guides for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Many players have decided to publish one in order to try and help others speed through this game, but not many succeeded in that.

Most guides that I've read are in fact full strategy guides for SWTOR that contain a lot of information about the game, not just limited to leveling, and it's my recommendation that you check those. Having good tips for flashpoints, crafting and other stuff in The Old Republic is helpful, and these guides are usually not more expensive than those that feature only leveling guides.

From all the different guides, in my opinion only two stand out from the crowd. According to other comparisons I've found I'm not wrong in my assessment as others quickly figured out that not all guides are the same. Aeon and Killerguides seem to be the two most recommended guides for SWTOR right now, with many different fansites and forums recommending it.

There are also other guides, like SWTOR Savior, Strife Guide, SWTOR Secrets, and several others, but none of those seems to come close to the Aeon and Killerguide in terms of quality and content.

Unfortunately, most of these guides come at a price. You will have to pay a few bucks in order to access the contents, but in my opinion it's well worth it. There are some free guides available (here and here for example) but those are usually aimed at beginners: while some tips are worth noting, it won't make a significant impact on your leveling speed as other professional, paid guides will.

It's up to you to decide whether Aeon or Killerguides is worth getting, but I read them personally and I can recommend them as the two best guides out there. Their authors are also constantly updating them with new content and also keep it updated with changes coming into new patches, which usually isn't the case with other lower quality ones.

Monday, March 5, 2012

SWTOR Leveling Zones & Planets

This is a list of planets you will visit and their recommended level ranges. It should help you figure out where you should be headed after you're done with one zone.

Level 1-10 (starting planets)
  • Hutta
  • Korriban
  • Ord Mantell
  • Tython
Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters start their adventure on Hutta. Sith Inquisitors & Warriors start on Korriban, Troopers & Smuggler on Ord Mantell and Jedi Knights and Consulars on Tython.

Level 10-16 - Coruscant, Dromund Kass

Galactic Republic faction players move on to Coruscant, and Sith Empire players visit Dromund Kass. Each of these planets also has the faction's respective capital city as well.

Level 16-20 - Balmorra

Balmorra is the next planet in line. The planet is occupied by the Empire and mostly has vast plains.

Level 20-24 - Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa is an independent planet where you'll first encounter players of the other faction in some neutral zones. The planet is basically a cityscape.

Level 24-28 - Tattoine

Tattoine probably doesn't require any special introduction. It's an independent planet with some Imperial presence on which the largest settlement is Anchorhead. It mostly has vast deserts and endless sand. Be sure to bring some sun protection.

Level 28-32 - Alderaan

Alderaan is also an independent planet, but the scenery is quite different from the last planet you visited: forests, mountain peaks and plains will certainly be a welcome change from Tattoine. This planet also has Alderaan Warzone: it's an objective based, 8v8 PvP area. Be sure to check it out as you do get experience in PvP as well.

Level 32-36 - Taris

From the beautiful scenery of Alderaan we're moving again to something much less nicer: post-apocalyptic swamps. Another independent planet with multiple levels (layers) to explore.

Level 36-37 - Quesh

Quesh is under the Republic's control, but the Empire has recently moved in to exploit its resources. It has a poisonous atmosphere, and toxic swamps and marshes. Basically, not a place you'll want to stay too long at, and fortunately you won't have to.

Level 37-41 - Hoth

Hoth is an independent planet which has a molten core which is used for mining, but outside it's a frozen wasteland. The most notable scenery is a lot of old ship wreckage.

Level 41-44 - Belsavis

Belsavis is controlled by The Republic and is largely a frozen wasteland as well, but it does have some areas which are not. Several areas have temperate zones which are habitable thanks to the volcanic activity. A popular raid called Eternity Vault is located on Belsavis.

Level 44-47 - Voss

Voss is the home of two indigenous species, and mostly has autumnish/goldenish forests (think Eversong Woods in WoW).

Level 47-50 - Corellia

Corellia is a well-known planet, and until recently fairly quiet and controlled by Galactic Republic forces. Coronet City is its most notable location. You will most likely hit level 50 on Corellia, after which you can move to...

Level 50 - Ilum

Ilum is currently THE endgame planet for solo players, both PvP and PvE. It has a massive open-world PvP zone where hundreds of players can fight one another, and several level 50 operations (raids). You will learn to love its frozen, mountainous surface and the subterranean crystals.

This following imagewill show you a list of planets you can visit in The Old Republic, and their approximate levels. Hope you find it useful!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Why use leveling guides?

There's many benefits to using leveling guides for SWTOR. There are hundreds of thousands of players enjoying this game and spending far too much time on it, and competing with them is nearly impossible unless you have 10+ hours per day to play. As we all know leveling characters is possibly the single most important thing in Star Wars: The Old Republic or any MMORPG game for that matter, and doing it as fast as possible is preferable to most.

That's why there are some professional SWTOR leveling guides out there that are made to help you do just that, level up quickly. They show you an optimized leveling path that includes only the quests and missions with highest and easiest experience gains so you can level up quicker than most other players. Such guides are extremely popular and most players are reluctant to give you information on which ones worked good for them as they don't want everyone to know their secret leveling methods.

This site however is different and it's exactly where you'll find the best SWTOR guides reviewed and compared so you can use only the best ones. Make sure you know exactly what each guide contains and then decide which one is for you and you will not regret it.